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Few things needing done

T3 BRL Oct 31, 2012

  1. T3 BRL

    T3 BRL New Member

    Replaced all 4 standard springs at some point this year and now found 2 shocks are goosed. So bit the bullet and ordered 4 new shocks new top mount rubbers and bearings and also rear drop links from Audi as 1 of them pumped too.

    Going to do the N249 bypass shortly too as ordered some 4mm vac hose from AP along with some good jubilee clips. P0171 fault code up too witch I prosume is a vac leak so need to be looking into that when doing the bypass.

    After all this is done the car will hopefully be running/driving like new and then I can many get my wheels refurbed.

    What you's think of anthracite standard wheels against the nogaro blue?

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