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Few questions,,

Jayy26 Mar 19, 2013

  1. Jayy26

    Jayy26 Member

    Audi A3 140 BHP 2004

    Need an arm rest for my audi because it never came with one.. came across these:
    Armrest console for Audi A2 A3 A4 A6 B80 100 200 NEW | eBay
    ARMREST CENTRE CONSOLE AUDI 80 100 200 A4 A3 A2 | eBay
    I know there cheap a cheerful but already on a budget due to turbo and remap upgrade :)

    Fancy a shortshifter to:
    Audi TT mk1 mk2 A3 S3 short shift quick shifter 1.8T 1.9TDi 2.0FSi 2.0TDi 6 Spd | eBay
    This any good?

    Also wanting something to play my music through currently have an iphone 4s would prefer aux cable tbh
    anyone got view on these ? listened to my mates fm transmitter one last night and surprised how good they..
    FM Transmitter+Car Charger+Remote for iPhone 4S 4 4G 3GS 3G 2G iPod Touch DOCK | eBay

    also after my remap fancy an upgrade in brakes can i get away with just some good brake pads or anybody know a good setup not stupidly expensive?
    Views on green and yellow stuff pads

    Thanks in advance
  2. Jayy26

    Jayy26 Member

    Bump :)
  3. Rob W8

    Rob W8 Member

    Armrest looks cheap enough to try and throw away if it's rubbish. I'd try a breakers for a genuine one personally.

    No idea on the short shifter. What about a forge one?

    You already answered your own question if you have listened to your mates fm transmitter. Maybe look at the connects2 kits?

    Brake wise. Try ferrodo ds2500 or mintex 1144. I'm not a fan of the EBC pads personally.

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