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Few questions for the experts

imported_m20str Mar 25, 2006

  1. imported_m20str

    imported_m20str Guest

    Went to look at a 02 52 3.0 SE A4 Cab this afternoon. 27k miles, single cd, **** 16" wheels, silver and black leather, heated seats.

    Can probably get it for £16k

    So is this a good price?

    Also, it has few things I'd like advice on.

    1) Showing service required in 6400 miles or 10 days !!!!! but history looks like it needs a service mid May. Its on AVS. When is it due and what will it cost?

    2) It has non auto dimming mirrors.Were these an option? I'll miss it as its standard in BMs. Can it be retro'ed?

    3) What will it cost to swap a 4 spoke to 3 spoke steering wheel?

    4) Do 18" genuine Audi wheels come on for sale on here or on ebay for A4s and how much for a set (RS6 or RS4 style)?

    5) Do all cars come with CD changer prep and if so where does it go and how easy is it to fit?
    Cheers guys

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