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Few Questions Before I Buy An 8P S3

s3_kev Sep 11, 2013

  1. s3_kev

    s3_kev Stage2'd!!!!!!

    Alright guys,

    I've recently just sold my old 8L S3 and I'm now on the hunt for an 8P replacement, thing is looking through the ads there's lots with out the SatNav/DVD headunits and the Flat bottom steering wheels, I'm guessing both of these can be sourced and retrofitted with relative ease?
    but the other main concern is the Arm Rest, again I no they can be sourced and retrofitted but will it be a case of a whole new centre console etc or just simply the Arm Rest and the trims that are associated with it?

    Is it really worth holding out and getting a Facelift version? or are they just cosmetically different like the 8L's were?

    Also any other useful info you can give to me??

    Cheers, Kevin
  2. crmatthews

    crmatthews New Member

    I have an 07 S3, it seems relatively easy to retrofit SatNav/DVD Headunit and steering wheel as i shall be doing both soon! With the arm rest i think its a new centre console, but i could be wrong! I'm still a newbie when it comes to the S3.
  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Kevin, we have site sponsor (NHN) who can supply/fit rnse, steering wheel and armrest. :) x
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  4. Andyc567

    Andyc567 New Member

    With the arm rest you just cut a hole in the top of the console.

    If you do a search you will find plenty of info on it and even the template that you need.


    Once the hole has been cut in the console, a mounting stud thing has to be fitted (existing hole I think) and the arm rest is secured to it through the hole left by removing the rear ashtray.

    Mine was fitted by an ex Audi technician, and it only took him 30 mins..

    Sorry to be vague on the fitting, I did watch it being fitted, but it certainly wasn't major surgery so I switched off a bit.

    Hope the info is useful though..
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  5. S3_Jacko

    S3_Jacko Well-Known Member

    I've got an 08 S3.. On mine, the cd changer is in the glove box with the main sat nav unit not having a cd slot...

    The only thing that i'm thinking about is that I've got a sharks fin antenna on the rear of my roof and i'm pretty positive thats for the gps, so if you've not got 1, then i'm sure that would need fitted aswell...

    As for the armrest... i've got the sat-nav, leather n alcantara seats with no arm-rest and to be honest I dont need 1..... I'm sure they install into where the rear ash tray is, but dont quote me on that 1
  6. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    We supply/fit all those parts, so missing tech etc is the least of your worries :)

    Armrest doesn't need new console at all, just modified to fit.

    TBH facelift version is nicer, I would suggest this, but if you find a very cheap S3 then you could always upgrade it to facelift, but I would try to afford a facelift version.
  7. S3_Jacko

    S3_Jacko Well-Known Member

    Apart from the jump in around 3 grand between a decent 08 and 58 model ;)

    And personally I think the 8p0 looks better..... more agressive :)
  8. s3_kev

    s3_kev Stage2'd!!!!!!

    Can you PM me a price for all 3 items so I can see the extra expense for these items prior to going gun hoe and buying an under spec'd s3 and it end up costing more then if I wait for the right car.

  9. kayemill

    kayemill Active Member Team Nardo Audi RS3

    If I had the choice now I would have kept my 58 8p2 S3. It was much better build quality than the 2011 8P3 BE I bought. It's just turned two and most of the car has been replaced under warranty. (Slight exaggeration but still not as good as the 8P2). My 8P2 had no Sat Nav but did have the FBSW and arm rest. I could easily live without the sat nav and the arm rest.
  10. perazzi

    perazzi Active Member

    The armrest is the worst though-out, ill-designed (well apart from zero consideration for a phone installation) contraption that I’ve yet to see in a ‘modern’ car.

    Mine sits in the upright position for all of its life.

    ...making reaching the handbrake marginally better than with it down.

    Not Audi’s best piece of engineering, and clearly an afterthought.

  11. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Ive had the total opposite experience.
    The 57 Plate I ran for 3 year had numerous warranty issues, clutch, electrical gremlims, glovebox, door drop/seal wear, parcel shelf, window regulators, noisy top mounts....In fact it was a real worry the few months I ran it outside the warranty period.

    The current 12 plater has been sweet as a nut in the last 18month.

    Hopefully I havent spoke too soon.....
  12. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Agree, this is a very low rent part of the car. Cheap and sqeaky. But I still use for leaning on and storing loose change so couldnt really do without it.
    The one in the MK5 Golf is a much beter design, sturdy and more adjustable.
  13. Tolak

    Tolak Member

    So can teh one for teh golf be fitted to teh S3 (or others)?
  14. s3_kev

    s3_kev Stage2'd!!!!!!

    Agree on the Golf one being a much better design, only problem with the golf is its a better design then the S3 :)
    The arm rests are a big pain for the handbrake agreed but the comfort of having one for all the other time whilst driving to rest on is worth the annoyance of getting to the handbrake imo.

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