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few questions?? as im useless with search

20v-turbo Feb 20, 2012

  1. 20v-turbo

    20v-turbo Member

    i have an 03 b6 saloon in misarono red blah blah blah

    i want to know if
    cabriolet front or rear bumper would fit?
    anything of the b7?
    exhaust twin pipe ect, where can i get one tht fits ect?
    side skirts and front valances??

    also brake upgrade options?
    where do i plug in vag com?

  2. jbcalvin

    jbcalvin Member

    Cab bumpers will not fit.....
    Most B7 parts are the same apart from the obvious ones that look different...
    Exhausts/side skirts will depend on what you want (OEM/aftermarket/personal choice)
    Brake upgrades would be S4/RS4
    Vagcom plugs in on the drivers side, under the little shelf under the headlight switch....

    Hope this helps...
  3. 20v-turbo

    20v-turbo Member


    was hooping the cab bumpers wd fit :/ need summat with decent difuser

    also anyone know if a5 interior wd fit?
  4. Pabs

    Pabs Active Member

    For the b6 rear bumper your choice is either s line/sport, s4 or votex depending on what your after, a good well fitting aftermarket one is an ABT, there are other aftermarket ones but no idea on quality and fitment

    As for interior, you can get most front seats to fit you just need the runners off your originals but if you have airbags or lumbar support etc then your limited to b6 or b7 front seats, rears are b6 or b7 depending if you have solid rear bench seat or split folding,

    How come your looking for a rear with a decent diffuser??
  5. 20v-turbo

    20v-turbo Member

    i want to tidy the ca up a bit

    got coilies waiting
    new wheels ect
    but im either going to colour code the stris or get like a s4/votex,,back end looks bit naked as a diesel as no exhaust, i initionally wanted a cabriolet rear end with the twin exit :(

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