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Few question people about parts

s3gazz May 16, 2011

  1. s3gazz

    s3gazz Well-Known Member

    Hi all just wanted few apinions on what to get for my s3

    Bought some holagen h7 bulbs for my s3 the other day and fit them but come on White then went yellow so going to take em back and try find something else for the fog lights to go with my HID kit can anyone sujest owt tar.

    Iv got a missfires on silinder 1,2,3 on tick over it shows when it starts to get warm then the engine juds and it goes and starts again climming up to about 7!
    I don't now if this would be even worse on full boost but I was going to get the red coilpacks from awsome gti there the same size I just don't no if they will be perfect for my s3 amk my are push down as well.

    Where can I get the LCR top mount from if anyone can help too mine are rubbing on the bonnet.

    Iv just got a xs downpipe and decat and I'm fitting it this week does anyone no what the standered cat back system size is so I can make or buy a reducer tar people if ya can help.

    Anyone got a link to some rocker cover paint or should I use spray paint tar want mat black cheers
    can I do owt to clean the inside ones rocker cover off iv got the gasket do I need owt else cheers.

    I'm doin a sump and pick up clean this weekend do I need a new pick up seal or can I use the same u cheers.

    What n75 valve am I best useing too people on my amk coz iv slopped my e valve for a c valve and sames alot better and def cannot be the catch can Iv just fit it holds boost more it' just seen alot better but it ain't mine so I need to get one.

    Going to clean my intercooler out in a week or too can I just use a jet wash or is there owt I need to get all the **** out tar.

    Sorry for the long list people
    any help be great on the list lol

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