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Few question I need help with!!!! thanks

S3JET May 22, 2010

  1. S3JET

    S3JET Member

    I am fitting a stage 3 turbo kit soon. And i want to know if single mass flywheels are any good with 2008 S3?
    Spoke with REVO, they told me that if i use single flywheels it might have problem Changing gear?
    The Single flywheels might not suit S3 gear box well.

    Any suggestion which one should i get for my S3?

    I have fitted a Forge DV into my 2008 S3, FMFSITV - Replacement Vacuum operated Valve for VAG 1.8 and 2.0 FSiT
    where i think my car should used FMFSITVR. my car now have stage 2 plus, so when ever my car is running with boost. i push the clutch down. the RPM drops down to 600 and comes back up.
    I have check the spring in the DV its the Green one, which only holds 5-15psi.
    And my car now runs 21 psi.

    If I change to the FMFSITVR and change the spring to a higher rate one, whould that fix the problem?

    Or its the ITG intake ??

    Any infromtaion would help.

    Thanks so much for reading and helping me out.

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