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Few Problems :(

spliffey Jul 17, 2013

  1. spliffey

    spliffey Member

    Hi there basically, i hit a curb a while ago and the steering wheel was bent, i took to get it 4 wheel alligned he must have done a bog job and told me i need to take the steering wheel off and re adjust it, it was slightly bent at this time, i took it on the motorway the traction light came on, put vag com came up with a steering angle sensor, so i took it to the mechanics today and told him to check car, he said nothing was bent under the car and he said he will adjust the threads so i will just need to get it alligned again, the problem i have now is that my steering wheel is at 90 degrees to the left, will getting it alligned work or is there something else wrong here??
    Thanks in advance

    Also got the brake pads and discs changed and there squeaking :s anyone know what this could be also. Thanks
  2. Gizmo20VT

    Gizmo20VT Active Member

    Would is your steering angle on Vag when straight?

    Sounds like you might have to re-align the steering angle sensor located behind the steering wheel, IIRC you may need to remove the igntion key cover as well...

    Perhaps have your wheel alignment done somewhere else after steering angle is correct.

    You can try and recalibrate it with the link below.

    VW Golf (1J) Brake Electronics (MK60) - Ross-Tech Wiki
  3. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    ANYBODY removing your steering wheel to align your wheels after accident damage is a fool!

    Fix the damage under the car and re align it properly, the steering wheel angle senser is knocked out and will never be correct this way. even when calibrated if the wheel is central it will have 1/2 turn more one way than the other!! Cowboy job!

    Im not sure if you could read the angle sensor in vcds and then re fit your wheel in the correct position, then track it up again. one track rod end is going to be on with a few threads the other wound right in by the sound of it, could be dangerous.

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