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Few issues

Rhosj Apr 5, 2014

  1. Rhosj

    Rhosj Member

    I have a few issues with my 2004 audi 3 2.0 tdi
    Im looking to sell it soon so want to make sure the car is right for the next person.

    1....Alarm goes off when i look the car but only when the lights are on the buttons located on the inside of the drivers door? press the light off and the car locks and the alarm doesnt go off?

    2....Econ button is on had a machine put on it and states....g64 sensor break in circuit, i replaced it and re gassed but a/c still dont work

    3....Temp gauge dont work

    4....Car starts drive to the end of my estate and when stationary the revs goes from 800rmp up to 1100rpm on its own


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