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Few Clocks/Cluster Questions

Dec Jul 31, 2010

  1. Dec

    Dec Active Member

    Hey guys, I know that there is a lot of threads already saying about an extra piece of wiring or such that needs to be added with newer clocks on a 2004 A3, but I have a couple of other questions..

    I have found a few sets of clocks son ebay with prices ranging from £100 - £200, is there any way of knowing if they are the sport/sline clocks (with the DIS) without having to ask the seller? I desperately want to upgrade from the poverty spec one's I have!

    Also, once the clocks are in, is it only audi who can code them? OR could I find someone with VAG com to do it?

    And lastly, anyone actually selling any cheap? :p

  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    Your best getting Audi to do it, its only ways its guaranteed to be succesfull. It will be .5 to 1 hours labour depending on what extra you need coding. I had done everything using vagcom bar immob and it was about £40 to do.

    Regarding DIS, you would need part number & some helpful member to search ETKA to see what it says. 2 things, 1st, you prob wont have all the sensors required so may end up with with errors & 2 if your going to the expense, go for 2010+ cluster & get the white Hi rez DIS, its so much better.

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