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Few Bits For Sale, Mats, Dension Ipod, German Surrounds

Chris3125 Apr 15, 2008

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  1. Chris3125

    Chris3125 New Member

    doesn't appear to be any for sale section but apologies if this is in the wrong place, after only joining a week ago and spending £160 on HID's and number plates my a3 decided it has had enough so its going the journey, sad to say. anyhooo i have a few bits for sale if anyones interested

    HID kit 6000k, H1. bought a week ago from HID4U. Cost me £100 looking for £75 posted, as you can imagine these are pretty much brand new, have the receipt which has 2 year guarantee

    Dension ipod link, including a bracket that attaches at the side of the climate control, doesn't mark the dash or anything. fits most ipods including new touch's, plugs into CD changer port on the back of Audi Concert Stereo, not the FM model!. Cost me £120 new looking for £70 posted

    Audi Numberplate surrounds, just bought these a week ago, for £20. looking for £15 posted,

    ones from dubmeister

    Audi a3 Haynes, 96-03. £12 posted

    Floor mats excluding the drivers one, passenger and two rear ones, excellent condition, £20 posted, not sure if this is a good price? please let me know if its to much.

    Interior + Exterior LED's, Full set, basically i replaced all the interor lights and tailgate lights with leds, there white.
    curtosy, map reading, glove box, boot lights, and tailgate, looking for £20 posted, this may seem alot but cost alot more when i bought them from hong kong, also saves you the hastle :)

    everything will be posted standard post, if you want insurance might be a bit more :)

  2. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Active Member

    If you look at the red bar below the forum navigation display you'll see: Forum, user Cp, register, gallary, Claissifieds ...
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