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Fettling an S3

roysterdsb Jan 1, 2013

  1. roysterdsb

    roysterdsb Member

    Since selling off my 3rd R53 (Mini) and trying to be sensible, I tried to get by on a Mk 6 GTI (DSG) and failed.


    Nice enough car for a daily commute car, but definitely not a weekend car & as I don’t have a daily commute it makes it useless… (unfortunately the family mobile is also a very sensible member of the VAG family too).

    What the Golf did though was made me have a good look at the VAG forums to see what else appealed & made up a shortlist, with a few helpful suggestions from friends (which mostly involved a V8 or a Porsche) and then ended up buying an S3 (8P). Looks like this –


    It’s good a decent spec – Manual, Heated Leather, SatNav, Bluetooth, flatbottomed wheel & Xenons. It was pretty tatty when I picked it up, so sent it to these guys in Edinburgh for a full detail (inside, out and all 4 wheels refurbished) –

    WildHorses Mustang Specialist

    That’s the 4th car I’ve had detailed by Alan, the work is excellent and really good value.

    Anyway, after coming from a properly sorted Mini, the car needs a lot of work to get it to a level that i'll be able to start enjoy driving it….so phase one took place in early December, with the following done at Autohaus in Edinburgh, a former Revo Dealer and now one of only 2 APR dealers in Scotland (they made a really good first impression & I’ll be back) :

    Phase 1

    • Full oil and brake fluid service
    • New NGK Iridium 8 plugs
    • RS4 Fuel Return Valve
    • Revision D Diverter Valve
    • Pipercross panel filter
    • New oem cam follower
    • APR High Pressure Fuel Pump
    • Full Miltek (sports cat) and resonated 3" exhaust system
    • APR Stage 2+ Tune
    • Loba Motorsport uprated clutch & Single mass flywheel conversion (& new Sachs master and slave cylinder)
    • 4 X new Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4Ds to get me through Baltic conditions

    The above should be good for 350-360bhp, will be taking it to a dyno early new year to see how it stacks up.

    More importantly though, I’m really looking forward to the phase 2 of this build (spring time next year), unfortunately i've had to introduce phase 1.1 to keep me going through winter (will fit in the next few weeks):

    Phase 1.1

    * THS lower, upper engine & transmission mounts
    * Vibratechnics dog bone
    * Whiteline anti-lift kit
    * New Pagid Discs on front/rear and new ATE Pads

    Phase 2

    • Quaife ATB Differential (front)
    • Haldex Gen 2 Controller (with remote)
    • Bilstein B16s
    • H&R rear ARB
    • Powerflex / Superpro – full front and rear polybush
    • Nitrac treated new discs & decent performance pads
    • Decent summer rubber – R888 style
    • BBS CH

    The car must look 100% stock though, under the hood and from the outside, don’t want any hint of what’s been done to it from the outside (noise or looks). Don’t really even want oem+ look on the outside… it really just needs to look like a well looked after S3 8P.

    The aim is to get to a reliable and usable 400bhp on this car, that handles really well (on a track) & the Quattro really helps the handling rather than hinders by being a dead weight!

    Phase 3 (& possibly the final one…) will be :

    • APR Intercooler
    • APR Stage 3 remap
    • Loba Motorsport Hybrid turbo
    • Aquamist HFS4

    Should have it all completed by the end of the year, at which point I’ll decide if it’s appropriate to send it to weightwatchers and turn into a track slag (but that’s too far off to even think about for someone with such a short term view on cars…. :lol:)

    I’d still like to get back into a Mini at some point, but not sure what one and when…

    Views, opinions and abuse all very welcome. Views and opinions on fitting an LSD (even an ATB one like the Quaife), I can't see why the handling of these won't be completely transformed by fitting a half decent LSD. Has anyone got one fitted, which one and how are you finding it ?
  2. GNJ_Motorsport

    GNJ_Motorsport Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Looks good Roy :)

    Plans look great as well, I'm with you on keeping it looking OEM that is what I did with mine.
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  3. roysterdsb

    roysterdsb Member

    Thanks Graeme, most of the stuff for phase 2 will be coming from you too.
  4. nil538

    nil538 Active Member

    Nice plans mate
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