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  1. kriswithak

    kriswithak Coupe S2 2.2 20v Turbo

    Right, unfortunately I think I am going to have to sell the S2 in September. An impending change in career and nedint to move into my own place have more or less made my mind up for me.


    1995 Audi S2 Coupe
    Quattro 4WD
    ABY Engine 2.2 20v Turbo
    ECU Chipped to 272bhp
    6 Speed Gearbox
    Emerald Green Metallic
    Cream Leather
    Longlife Stainless Steel Exhaust (cat-back)
    Five Spoke, 17" Alloys

    Depending on price it sells for I may or may not leave the Alpine Glidetouch CD/MP3/WMA Head Unit in it.

    There are plenty of photos in my gallery.

    If anyone is potentially interested, let me know by email, kris@kriswithak.co.uk
    Would possible consider part-ex for a Mk4 Golf GT-TDI or A3 TDI.
  2. Olly_K

    Olly_K Administrator

    mate, saw this over at no-rice, such a shame, is there nothing you can do to keep it ?
  3. kriswithak

    kriswithak Coupe S2 2.2 20v Turbo

    I am probably going to keep it now I think. But it will be going into an extended hibernation for the time being whilst I save for a lot of new shiny bits, ie wheels, brakes, suspension etc etc....

    Donations welcome.

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