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Feel like scrapping this piece of junk !!!

V.I.P_UAE Jan 9, 2009

  1. V.I.P_UAE

    V.I.P_UAE Member

    Ive lost 6th gear, all the other gears are fine, cluch feels good, no grinding when changing. It will go in with extreme force, has it had it??

    Problems so far:

    Thermostat -Buggered
    Steerin Rack - leaking
    Headlights - Not Working
    6th Gear - Gone AWOL
    rough running on start up ??? WHY??

    Nice 1st week of ownership, and no I cant take it back private sale.:notme:
  2. Essflee

    Essflee Well-Known Member

    I feel for you mate, you've had some bad luck....as for the gear box i'd say it could be the syncromesh/selector is fooked, if that is the problem it shouldn't be to expensive to fix.
  3. Maz

    Maz Moon is made of green cheese

    I wouldn't give up just yet mate! It's never nice to have problems with a car you've just purchased. I guess there were no obvious signs when you viewed it? What's the mileage and year? Was it a bargain?
  4. V.I.P_UAE

    V.I.P_UAE Member

    Its a 2001 96K kms about 60k Miles. All looked good when I bought it. First I noticed the lights, then the temp is really cold, like registers nothing on a motorway, fine in traffic bang on 90deg, then the steering started whining, filled that up and it all leaked out, now 6th gear just dissapeared.

    New rack is like 1300 quid sterling over here, so sending mine to UK for reconditioning, themostat im gonna order from UK also, lights have been butchered, and then stuck back together, the seams have glue on them. and then god only knows what Im gonna do with 6th gear.. aaaarrrrrhhhhhh

    oh and someone nicked my fkin 4 rings badge aswell.... I wanna cry, now have a yaris hire car till this mess gets sorted...

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