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Fed up of my Polo! (or nearly)

sciclunam Nov 30, 2004

  1. sciclunam

    sciclunam New Member

    Hi all - new here!

    I had (and still have but garaged) a 1967 VW Beetle. Based on the experience I had with the Beetle when time came to buy a new car I bought another VW - Polo (1995 model) 1.0 litre.

    Apart from the fact that is it a low performer (but that is my fault as I bought a 1.0 ltr - though the 1.0ltr Peoguet 106 is much faster) it is currently performing much less.

    This is the 4th time this happened (roughly once a year)...I take it to my VW dealers and says he cleaned the throttle valve. The symptoms are... low performance and sometimes engines stalls when idling. After cleaning it improves quite a lot.

    Now, after a year, it is doing it again. Have you guys suffered from this or know what should be cleaned? I really like to do it myself this time to avoid the hassle. (I used to do things on my beetle)


  2. Andy101

    Andy101 Active Member Team Ibis Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group Black Edition

    I had a similar problem with a Mk 1 Golf. After alot of trial and error (including a new carb) it was eventually traced to a filter on the fuel pick up in the petrol tank. Not sure if the Polo has one but worth a look

  3. sciclunam

    sciclunam New Member

    I managed to locate the throttle valve. According to the local agent that was the cause the last 3 times. It's on the rear of the throttle body, were the gas cable is attached. there is supposed to be a valve...I'll try to clean it this saturday.
  4. imported_YOGi

    imported_YOGi Guest

    I used to get this on my old polo. It would cut out randomly, happened twice while i was on a national road. Had to franticly re-start it - remember as it stalled i had no breaks or power steering at 40ish mph.

    I found that a good clean of the throttle body, new high power battery (if you think it needs it) & also make sure the old girl is serviced well. E.g. spark plugs, oil & air filter, fuel filter depending on mileage are changed at least once a year.

    It worked with my old polo, a bit of TLC will go a long way. Good luck YOGi

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