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fecked horn!

jcb Dec 30, 2012

  1. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    in a fit of excitement I broke my horn

    honked at someone blocking a single lane street and the horn stayed on.
    had to pull the fuse to get it to stop!

    figured I had bent the metal alloy horn ring between airbag and steering wheel

    have spent the last 45 mins stripping and testing resistance until it was all fine between ring and wheel

    refit bag and the horn goes off.
    tested each and every plug one by one and when I strip the wheel completely and test the horn connectors in the plastic ring (the one that turns the indicator off when the wheel re-centres) behind the actual steering wheel I am getting a full connection (i.e. the horn is on as soon as the main airbag connector is plugged in regardless of whether the horn ring is contacting the steering wheel body)

    driving me nuts!!!

    anyone any ideas? I fecking hate electrics and have an MOT in 2 weeks

    fuse is pulled for the time being, short of jerry rigging a switch somewhere to use for the MOT I am beginning to run out of options!

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