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Favour! Wheels I can borrow in West London / Berkshire area?

-Keith- Jun 26, 2013

  1. -Keith-

    -Keith- Member

    Hi Guys,

    Long shot I know, but is there any members in the Maidenhead to Heathrow Area (or anywhere else in Berks/Bucks/West London area) who has a spare set of alloys with I can borrow for 1 week whilst I get my alloys refurbed? Unable to put the car on stands as our driveway is on a gradient (not too keen do do that anyway due to safety) and the refurb will take a week, including pick up / drop off. Wheels can be anything, in any condition as long as they'll fit over S3 brakes, and tyres can be barely legal - car will not be used in that time.

    I know it's a big ask - I am happy to leave a deposit for reasurrance, supply beers by means of thanks and can collect/drop off in my father-in-laws van to make it easy as possible!

    Thanks guys - please let me know if you can help, my wife and I will be hugely grateful :)


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