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Faulty rev counter, help please!!

sulaiman Feb 5, 2011

  1. sulaiman

    sulaiman Member

    Hi guys,

    Totally random but when I started my car today the rev counter would not work, I tried turning it off and starting it again buy same story.

    I then later had problems with the immobiliser and the car would cut out on start up and later on the glow plug light started flashing randomly then went off.

    I adapted the key to the car by using the total closure system and locking and un-locking it via the door handle lock and that seems to have solved my immobiliser problem. The glow plug light hasn't flashed since but the rev counter is still not working.

    I've scanned for codes and nothing really came up, just a record of the immobiliser blocking start up. I've cleared the codes anyway.

    But the needle is not totally stuck, it sometimes jumps to 500rpm when driving but that is as high as it goes. The rest of the clocks work fine (fuel, water temp, speedo)

    I had a nosey round the bay (gearbox side) last night but I didn't pull anything so I don't think it is that, although I will have another look tomorrow to see if anything has come loose. But anyone got any ideas what it could be??


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