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Faulty projector, exchange or refund?

Kaibo Apr 23, 2012

  1. Kaibo

    Kaibo Member

    Hi all, I purchased a projector from Argos about a month ago, I'm guessing it's had about 100 hours use out of the 5000 hr bulb life. Today it died, led flashing fault code points towards a bulb failure.
    Now my question is, can I get a refund of sorts, the sorts being, it was purchased on an Argos card to get the 6 months interest free, I still want the projector but I'd like to start again, a new warrantee and a fresh 6 months for the sheer inconvenience (don't keep them in stock so have to wait on delivery, while I go without a tv but carry on paying for it)
    Any help would be appreciated

    Cheers Kai

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