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Faulty parts - A4 b8 2009

Richie333 Oct 5, 2012

  1. Richie333

    Richie333 Member

    Took the car into audi yesterday with a potential fault with cd player and coolant leak, got the cd unit and coolant header tank replaced under warranty. Now I appreciate that things fail but really surprised that on a 2009 car these would both need replacing so soon as I've only had the car 6 month and done 6k mileage. Not complaining though but will be definitely taking out the extended warranty at the end of the current year of ownership.

    What are Audi changing for this at the minute, Anybody know?

    They also mentioned that the NSF tie arm has play, but wouldn't change it as it wouldnt fail the MOT - tbh ive not heard of this before, according to them it's not a big issue. Anyone else had this?

  2. redspudder

    redspudder Sparky

    I have just taken out the exdended warranty with Audi and there are a few options
    Comprehensive Cover ( which covers most parts) with £0,£100 or £250 excess options.Can pay monthly or annualy ranging from around £500 a year.
    Named Parts (mainly mechanical) again £0,£100 or £250 excess.
    i took this option with £100 excess @ £38 PM £250 excess was £30PM or £270 annualy it is cheaper annually but i thought if i sell my car on or decide i want to stop the warranty at any time i can just cancel my DD and not pay anymore monthly payments and wont miss monthly as much as a lump sum,that said Audi told me if you cancel during the year then they will refund you pro-rata whatever left out of the lump sum(so they said!!)
    I also had a look at a couple of independant warranties and they wernt much or at all cheaper.

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