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faults with my s3 can any body help?

lukens3 Apr 25, 2008

  1. lukens3

    lukens3 Member

    i got a freind to put my car on a dionostics machine and these faults came up .Engine (p1200 waste gate bypass valve mechanical malfunction) (p0332 knock signal 2 signal 2 low) (p1455 exhaust gas temp sensor 1 not plausible) and on my esp (01324 4-wd ecu-j492 no com) (01318 can bus power train defect) can anyone help,really need to get all this sorted .thanks
  2. MikeA3

    MikeA3 Active Member VCDS Map User

  3. bowers210479

    bowers210479 New Member

    hi can anyone give me some advice,i unplugged the mass airflow meter on my s3 and since then i have the engine warning light coming on,i took it to a garage they reset it but an hour later back on again,i took it to audi and all of a sudden they tell me the exhaust gas temp sensors gone and the air flow metre and my brake light switch is causing the esp light to come on,it all sounds a bit suspect as the car was fine before i unplugged the air flow metre cheers
  4. S£

    S£ Member


    Unplugging your maf will not cause your engine management light to come on, usually the traction control light will come on but go out once it's plugged back in again, it must be a coincidence you egt sensor went at the same time probably causing you em light to come on as for the break light switch they probably found that when thew scanned it with vag com, if all you brake lights are out then this needs fixing, do a search on here, cheap and easy to do. Hope this helps
  5. thorsy22

    thorsy22 Member

    I've recently done mine, bout 8quid from the stealers. New switch should be green have the part number somewhere if you need it.

    Sorry thats for the brake light switch

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