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Fault scanned and still unsure hwats causing light to come on?

vinceremedy Apr 3, 2010

  1. vinceremedy

    vinceremedy New Member

    Just had turbo replaced on my b6 audi a4 190bhp 1.8t, after oil pressure failing on me and causing the dreaded smoke out the back loss of power etc. Engine now running very smooth and quite and is a very smooth ride. however after 1 day of getting car back engine light came on. AA looked at said it sounded fine might be sensor, went back to garage and they plugged it in and read a fault code to do with fuel a little lean. cleared the fault to see if returns as they felt it could have been some leftover oil on 02 sensor after turbo had failed.

    Drove car for a few days and the engine light came on again, returned to garage plugged in and now shows fuel a little lean fault code and also engine revs low when idle. reset the code and drove away again as the garage said they were upgrading their vag com/snap on unit in 2 weeks and felt that they could adjust the throttle or reset it to rectify the revs idle fault.

    Have been driving it for now say 5 or 6 days and the light has returned! Am going to take it back to garage next week to hopefully have throttle reset etc and obviously check the codes. The car still feels fine all though i am getting more paranoid by the day whilst watching th rev counter whislt idle etc or pushing the car to see if still responsive. No misfiring noises or anything to be really concerned as it probably is still same fault. However has anyone had same problem? What should the idle revs be on this A4? I have read it could be something with the PCV valve? (sorry for long post but have now got a real history with this car and only owned for 4 weeks!!!!)

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