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fault code

Discussion in 'VCDS (formerly VAG-COM) forum' started by 347, May 7, 2007.

  1. 347

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    Sep 30, 2006
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    hi all
    recently purchased a second hand audi a3 2.0 tdi
    i have done a scan and this fault has come up , saved and cleared but it is still showing the fault on re scan.

    Address 52: Door Elect, Pass. Labels: 8P0-959-802-MIN.LBL
    Part No: 8P0 959 802 A
    Component: Tuersteuerger. H10 0010
    Coding: 0000048
    Shop #: WSC 06435
    1 Fault Found:
    00933 - Electric Window Motor; Passenger Side (V148)
    005 - No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation - Intermittent

    the window appears to work fine from both drivers door switch and the passenger door switch ,

    any ideas to what problem could be

    cheers john
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  3. Sebastian

    Sebastian Member

    Aug 7, 2006
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