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Fault code could it just be the split pipe

69rush69 Aug 28, 2012

  1. 69rush69

    69rush69 New Member

    Hey guys,
    well to start of with she's a 2001 1.8tq had for about 3 months drives lovely
    Other than sometimes when the rpm is between 1-2 k it gets very kangarooee like no power then power no power ...
    Untill 2 k then it's fine.
    I have also noticed that on occasion I loose power right through the rpm,
    I can hear the turbo spooling but it's like I'm not getting it, my mpg drops right down
    and when I let off the accelerator instead of showing --- (I believe this means it's using no petrol)
    Its more like 150mpg although if I switch off then start again it stops.
    VERY rarely ( only twice since owning) when started cold the engine goes to stall
    and clunks a little until its warmed up.

    On Thursday things got worse it done all the above but worse ( even less power than usual) then the engine light came on :(

    went to amd today to do a diagnostic and the results were

    17705 - pressure drop between turbo and throttle valve (check dv)
    P1297 - 35-10 - - intermittent

    17584 - bank1: O2 (lambda) correction behind catalyst
    P1176 - 35-00 - control limit reached
    readiness: 0000 0000

    They said that the found a split pipe and that it may sort it but they said the same thing about the two pipes they changed
    when I took it in for a service.
    i was planning on taking it to super saiyan level 2 (stage 2 to those that didn't have cartoon network growing up)
    In the next two weeks and don't really wanna up the power before getting this sorted so any help
    will be greatly appreciated.

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