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Fat Petition...

Horchsense Jul 3, 2005

  1. Horchsense

    Horchsense Member

    Well plan C went well - (not) - my rattly window appears to be a rarity. Guess that's good news 'cos on that basis it must be easily fixed. Except it's not and it hasn't. I've read a good many complaints on this site about the same problem - all those folk must be occupied elsewhere I guess.
    With regard to the DIS thread, I seem to be driving round in a 20+K mota,with a buzzing dash and a rattly window, that marks every time a bird craps on it...Oh and I've lost Kevin Rose's address (if anyone cares to supply...) - the quality of the DIS seems a minor issue....


    Oh yeah - thanks for Claybar MB - that's a plus!
  2. waynee30

    waynee30 New Member

    i missed the initial thread . Is it your rear window what is rattling when lowered at high speeds or just a general problem?

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