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Fasia replacement changing radio / headunit 2002 S3

davebirl Dec 14, 2006

  1. davebirl

    davebirl 2002 S3 MTM Stg III 345bhp

    I have a 2002 Audi S3 with Symphony II Headunit, its the double size din unit with 6 disc changer.

    I want to install a Blaupunkt Memphis MP66 single din unit. Can anyone tell me what fasia parts I need to get? Lads in Audi can't tell the difference between the A3 dash and S3 dash.....or is there a difference?

    also, does anyone know what wiring loom converters I should get? On the blue spot homepage there are so many listed? Do I also need an aerial converter? Boy its so complicated!:think:

    any help/info much appreciated!

  2. col6821

    col6821 Member

    Hi Dave

    I changed my single DIN unit earlier this year and bought nearly all the connectors (power and aerial) from the Bluespot website and didn't use any of them!!
    I think your best bet is to move the Climate Control Unit up 1 slot and fit the standard cubbyhole underneath (you'll probably need the associated single DIN framework etc.
    I used an Autoleads facia convertor for a Seat to mount my Pioneer HU and it looks okay.
    I also had to fit a new powered aerial as I couldn't get the Audi one to work with the HU (but I'm the only one to have had this problem I think).
    I used the standard ISO power and speaker loom, but connected a switched live from the fusebox (s-cont) and installed an additional amp to power the rear speakers and new sub.
    I'm sure that if you post this in the ICE section AndyMac will provide all the info you need.

  3. davebirl

    davebirl 2002 S3 MTM Stg III 345bhp

    thanks lad!
  4. shuzzy

    shuzzy New Member

    Dave let me know if you want to get rid of the double DIN cage and want a single one. We could do an exchange of the cage and associated equipment if you wanted as I have a single DIN one.

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