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Fascia surround for audi a4 cabriolet on a 55 plate.

mjsummer Nov 5, 2011

  1. mjsummer

    mjsummer Member

    Hi i had a new touch screen hu delivered and beside the problems with the rear amp and speakers being a low bass noise and the front being ok (tried all connectors half amp full amp etc still no fix yet. can get power to them but not loud at all compared to the front.
    Am i right in thinking the front door speakers and the back are linked then the small tweeters and the top dash speakers are the other 2?)

    Anyway the reason for the post is to ask which surround i should use have tried 2 so far and they leave a gap allong the top? which one should fit? tried FP-05-05 and another one that is slightly bigger but still no good! any help would be appreciated!!
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    The rears will be over powered by the fronts as you now have 2 x 50w going to the fronts off the HU and still the feeble 2 x 20w going to the rears from the Nokia rear amp. Rewire the rears to the HU for a vast improvement. Half amped or fully amped adapters are exactly the same just with an extra connection for the fronts if separately amped.
    The front speakers and tweeters run directly off the HU, the rears run off the rear amp. The centre dash speaker runs bridged off the front speaker connection and should be disconnected as it's garbage for music, just snip the skinny wires that are doubled up on the front speaker plug.
    Don't use any Autoleads fascia adapters are they are all garbage. The one you list above is for a B5 A4 so is completely wrong anyway, Connects2 fascias are the best fit.

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