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Fancy winning £10k and helping charity?

razza1 Feb 25, 2010

  1. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    Fancy winning £10k in the World's biggest (Guiness record) duck race?? Rubber duck race down the Thames in Sept. (they're hoping for 205,000 ducks) Buy a duck (£2) and whilst you're there please make a donation to Heartline (a charity that does great work for children with Heart conditions and their families).

    First duck across the line gets £10k for the person that bought it (i.e. you), with 30 further runner up prizes. Each month before Sept. there's a virtual race with cash prizes for the winner. I'm not attached to the race, but am hoping to help raise money for Heartline, with the donations on top of the £2 going towards the charity.


    This charity (www.Heartline.org.uk) is one we have found after our daughter was born with a rare heart condition. It acts as a support network for families/provides information about the conditions, and also provides days out for the children/holidays etc. for the little ones.

    Thanks, appreciate anything you can afford, as they are struggling after 30 years to stay afloat. I hope to become a trustee to help them out as well.


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