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Fancy doing a Hill Climb or Sprint.... Any recommendations?

Discussion in 'General Automotive Chat' started by knobby, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. knobby

    knobby Member

    Jul 29, 2007
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    Did consider a track day but don't like the fact someone else can smash into me and I wouldn't be covered.

    Considering a sprint or hill climb. Anyone got any experience of this?
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  3. John@mk

    John@mk Member

    Feb 11, 2012
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    Was a member of Shelsley Walsh hill climb Run by the MAC. Midland automobile club.the best thing would be is go along to a few meetings and walk around the paddock and have a chat with a few drivers and get their opinions . It would depend on which class you were aiming at.but to start with you can drive you normal road car to get the experience first and then move up the classes.

    Took my Volvo v40 up the hill at Shelsley a few years ago on a members day.....the hill is so steep , never got out of 2nd gear.......but really good fun.
    youtube Keith Edwards .....what a beast......of a car....

    The best thing about hill climbs is that all the talking stop after you drop the clutch.....just you against the clock and if you get one corner wrong...game over,no second lap to make the time up.......

    Hope this helps,

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