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Fan blower kicks in when glove compartment door slams shut!

koonl Nov 28, 2006

  1. koonl

    koonl Member

    At times, the fan blower doesn't come on at all when the engine starts, other times it does. If it doesn't, it can kick in at any time out of the blue. This is with air-con or or off. All the signs on the display light up as normal, but with no fan blowing. However, I only just discovered that if I slam shut the glove compartment hard enough, the fan suddenly kicks in.

    I know the fan blower is directly behind the glove compartment, but I just wanted to check if anyone may know exactly what this problem could be, and if it is a loose wiring, which one?

    BTW, it's got nothing to do with the outside temperature or dirty pollen filter, they don't come into it, but I do get 18.1 and 18.3 error codes on the climate control diag mode ("Fresh blower voltage sporadic").

    Thanks all


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