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Fan belt replacement cost

KARL Mar 26, 2013

  1. KARL

    KARL Member

    Hi guys

    Took my car into Slough Audi today due to engine management light being on. Diagnostics cost £100 and to fix the problem (part of the exhaust blocked) will be another £230

    I also reported a noise I noticed when the engine is ticking over which sounded like the fan belt. They've told me one of the rollers needs replacing. They also asked if the fan belt has ever been replaced (it hasn't). I've had my 07 reg S3 from new. They told me it should be replaced every 5 years/75k miles (I have 50k miles on mine).

    They've told me the fan belt (and water cooler which will be replaced at the same time) is on sale atm (shock) and would cost £660 inc parts and labour (reduced from £850). I'm not very knowledgeable at all on these things. I'm assuming this price is pretty high? Should I be getting this done at an independent garage rather than Audi dealer? How much should I be paying to replace these items and is it right I need to change them now (coming up to my 6th year)

    Thanks a lot

  2. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    My A3's just ticked over 70,000 miles, is a 56 plate and my belt hasn't been changed yet. It will be done soon though. They're right that it's best to get the water pump done at the same time but that price is ridiculous!

    Go to a decent VAG specialist Indi garage, it'll be much cheaper than getting it done by Audi.
  3. Lewis583

    Lewis583 Active Member VCDS Map User

    By fan belt, do you mean the Auxilary drive belt? The one that drives the alternator.

    Or (more likely from your description) do you mean timing/cam belt?

    My general rule of thumb is 5years/60,000miles for timing belt. I always recommend changing the water pump along with the timing belt whilst it is readily accessible.

    As for the Auxilary drive belt it's whenever it's slipping or is cracked.
  4. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

  5. GuyJ

    GuyJ Member

    Hey Karl,
    First of all, what part of the exhaust is causing a blockage?
    I'm guessing you can hear a "squeltching" noise from the engine bay? By a roller i would imagine it would be the Aux belt tensioner or the Altenator pulley.
    Also, sounds a lot like (as others have said) that they are reffering to the timing belt (it is actually a chain) Needs replaced at 5years or 60k (I think)
    I recently paid £730 to have all oils (engine, haldex, brake fluid) Filters, Spark plugs, Timing belt, water pump, Cam follower, Alternator pulley and Aux belt replaced. This was at Dunfermline VW dealer. (a friend of a friend) I got quoted £998 from Audi Edinburgh!
    Hope this helps.
  6. GuyJ

    GuyJ Member

    Independant is ALWAYS going to be cheaper....its all about the stamp im affraid :(

    Unless the indepeendant is taking you for a ride obviously!
  7. KARL

    KARL Member

    Actually no, there's no noise from the exhaust that I've noticed. The engine management light has come on and back off again a few times over the last few months so I went to get it checked out. TBH they caught me a bit off guard so I'm struggling to remember the exact details they gave when they called but I think they said a cylinder was blocked linked to the exhaust. I have paid the £100 diagnostics charge and so I'm guessing I may as well get them to fix the exhaust now (at a cost of a further £200) so that I don't pay another amount for diagnostics at an independant.

    I'm speaking to them again 1st thing (to confirm what work I want done). I will get them to explain again exactly what work is required for both the exhaust and the fan belt (or whatever exactly it is)

    Thanks for the recommendations of independants - I will have a good ring around once I've spoken to Audi again
  8. Simon16

    Simon16 Member

    Hello mate, like the guys said, do some shopping around of independent vw/ Audi places, they should be able to help you, as for paying 100 was that just to scan it? If so that is disgraceful! If anything appears on your dash again please try and get in touch with someone on here who has vcds, they will be able to do it for a help of a lot less or beer tokens, you will see how easy it is when they do it!
    Good luck
  9. KARL

    KARL Member

    Spoke to the dealer again this morning to get clarity on the issues

    (1) Diagnostic charge was £96 which has been paid
    (2) Engine management light which was coming off and on was caused by the ACF canister being blocked and breaking up causing the pipes to block aswell. New cannister and couple of pipes/hoses required. Cost £315.16 inc parts labour and VAT
    (3) Noise from engine (requires stripping to confirm where noise is coming from exactly, suspect it's rollers for cambelt causing the noise. Cambelt replacement was due last year - cost to replace cambelt and water pump = £660 (currently on sale from £850+ woohoo!). Not sure if replacing the cambelt involved replacing the rollers too?

    Sorry for the confusion with me saying it was the fanbelt. Am ringing around some local VAG specialists (Bucks/High Wycombe) including the ones mentioned by everyone above

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