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Family Fleet Policy

tonedef May 12, 2006

  1. tonedef

    tonedef Member

    Does anyone have or has had a family fleet insurance policy? I heard about them a few years ago but have not yet looked at prices.

    We already own the S3 and Corrado plus my next couple of jobs are back in the UK but one's in Hull, the other's in Kent so I'll be doing some big mileage and I'm looking for an A3 TDi Quattro. Also my eldest is rapidly approaching 17 so will be wanting a motor, probably gonna be a diesel Polo or something similar.

    We cannot bear to part with the Corrado, we've had one for the last ten years so it's like a family member although realistically it looks like having a refurb and only being used occasionally so is a fleet policy the way to go?

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