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Fake Steering Wheel + Navigation?

TT2014 Dec 28, 2013

  1. TT2014

    TT2014 New Member

    I want to purchase a 2010/02 Audi A3 1.6 Tdi DPF. I noticed the steering wheel and the navigation on the pictures from seller. I need to drive 500km to see the car with my own eye.

    The steering wheel looks like the RS3 type but WITHOUT buttons and badge!

    The navigation looks like the RNS-E type, but the button is on the left side, not the right!

    It can be fake a damaged car, repaired with fake parts? The seller said, its just a different type steer+navi.

    What you think?

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  2. GazJSmithy

    GazJSmithy Member

    Hi, the steering wheel is a genuine Audi part however it's a TT flat bottom wheel, hence why it doesn't have the buttons, the Nav unit isn't a genuine audi one, it's an aftermarket unit
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  3. TT2014

    TT2014 New Member

    Thank you for help me!

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