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Facts and Figures But Whats The Cause

basscrazy Oct 24, 2008

  1. basscrazy

    basscrazy Member

    Ok ive failed mot originally them saying the wiring for lambdas was wrong

    Ive learnt in the past to get all my facts and figures in before going into things and i have done so

    Its been looked at by a sparky and hes said the wiring is not the cause and the garages who diagnosed it were wrong
    My cats have been tested and are working fine (they had only done 6k anyhow)
    Ecu is Fine
    But These are the proper stats (will help Ard as well buddy)
    Co = 5.00
    Hc or Mc (i cant read his dam writing)
    co2 = 11.71
    02 = 0.40

    Lamda = 0.874

    Also the wiring chap when scanned my car etc said it was showing the error
    Exhaust supercharger recirculatnig valve
    They have said since this is not supercharged it could relate to a part labeled as this

    So theres my facts and figures
    New maf fitted new lambdas cats good etc

    Cheers Guys
  2. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    natural idle? fast idle? can't you just scan the print-out and post it here?
  3. basscrazy

    basscrazy Member

    natural idle 0.02 co and 5.00 fast i updated first post with all he wrote down
  4. basscrazy

    basscrazy Member

    right below are full details of what i got told

    Also someone has said the supercharger valve is the dump valve?
  5. h100vw

    h100vw Member

    It's running well rich at idle.

    Have you had it scanned with VAG-COM? It gives a better idea of what's going on and usually points to suspect parts by name.

    It could be that the DV is broken but that's a 2 minute test and I don't see it making the car run rich.

    A faulty water temp sensor might or a massive air leak. Have a look on Ross-Techs web site about fuel trims.

  6. basscrazy

    basscrazy Member

    yea it says exhaust supercharger recirc valve which is dump valve as its 50/50 atmospheric

    Other then that theve said temp sensor is working and the cat and lambdas are both new and the maf is new

    where is it running rich at idle tho?

    Mot standards are
    Normal idle 450-1500rpm
    CO no more than 0.5%

    im 0.2-0.3 on normal idle
    or am i missing something lol

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