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Factory tour at Ingolstadt

KevinF Dec 22, 2012

  1. KevinF

    KevinF Member

    I know this gets mentioned once in a while but I wondered if anyone had made the trip recently? Was it an easy drive? Route taken? That sort of thing.

    Anyone help?

  2. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    I have taken the factory tour at Ingolstadt several times. Usually on the way to or from a holiday in Austria. It is worth booking a tour in English before you go. If you contact Audi UK they can give you details and who is currently sorting this out for them.

    I have tried several different routes but they all have advantages and disadvantages. The Ingolstadt is just off autobahn between Nuremberg and Munich so any route that takes you to either will be OK. I usually use the Channel Tunnel and then use the French A26 and A4 and A35 Autoroutes crossing the border in Germany using the 500. Although you have to pay to use the Autoroutes (about £40), personally I think it's worth it because they are very well maintained and relatively quiet when compared with the ones across Belgium and it does mean you can cross into Germany away from the very busy area around Aachen and Cologne. I usually stop the night at Rasthaus Baden-Baden on the A5 Autoroute. Next day I go north on the A5 to Karlsruhe and then take the A8 to Munich, around Munich on the A99 and then take the A9 north towards Nuremberg and into Ingolstadt. An alternative is to go further north on the A5 and take the A6 to Nuremberg and then south on the A9 to Ingolstadt. The A8 route to Munich has been upgraded recently and has more 3 and 4 lane stretches whereas some of the A6 is still only 2 lanes and can get very busy. Stretches of the A8 have no speed limit so can be quite fun. You can also cut off the corner and avoid Munich if you wish which gives you some driving on 'normal' German roads rather than all Autobahn if you prefer. Turn off the A8 just after Augsburg and take the 300 to Ingolstadt. The town of Ingolstadt is very nice and well worth a look round. There are also a variety of hotels for the night or nights. I personally find it no problem at all driving on French or German roads. They are generally better maintained than ours and the drives tend to have much better lane discipline than UK drives.

    At Ingolstadt the Audi Forum as it's called includes the Audi Museum, restaurants and an accessories shop as well as an area where you can watch new Audi owners collecting their cars.

    If I can help further just send me a PM. I'm sure you will enjoy the experience.

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