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Factory fit Nokia car kit?

Ratboy672002 Aug 27, 2007

  1. Ratboy672002

    Ratboy672002 New Member

    Hi All

    My 1997 A4 Avant has some sort of big black plastic Nokia "box" in the rear offside boot compartment ( beneath where the CD player sits)

    There is a mobile phone cradle on the passenger side of the centre console and some speaker looking things above the driver/passenger seats.
    Any ideas on the following:

    1/ How to change the current mobile phone cradle (looks like it is for an old Nokia phone) to a more up-to-date phone - e.g.6288

    2/Whether this is even possible - can I just wire in a new cradle? How does the whole thing work?

    3/ How to do it - I'm not technically advanced so an "idiot's guide" would be great

    Any help would really be appreciated - tired of wearing my Bluetooth headset!

    Many thanks

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