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Facelift Saloon Rear Bumper Removal?

tonya4 Aug 29, 2011

  1. tonya4

    tonya4 TDi Powerrrr

    as above,before I break anything,how do you remove a facelift saloon rear bumper?
    thanks in advance
  2. Talkwrench

    Talkwrench Hoonigan

    There are some fairly hefty brackets either side you need to pull the bumper off from the body, then there are some bolts under the boot carpet to remove so the bumper brackets can slide out of the chassis rails. Those bumper mounts hold onto the bumper like a mofo, you will damn near leave your fingers behind popping it off so don't be worried if you need to pull like hell to get it off. HTH
  3. Geeman

    Geeman Low Life

    They're easy to remove.

    The bolts in the boot floor first... then (I can't remember if there are any screws holding the bumper to the inner arch) pull the leading edge away from the arch with a quick and hefty tug. PLEASE make sure there aren't any screws holding it on to the inner arch first... I'm almost sure they will be.

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