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Facelift s3 or pre facelift

carl1 Aug 5, 2008

  1. carl1

    carl1 New Member

    hello all,been following this site for a couple of weeks now as i are thinking of getting a s3.i currently own a golf gti edition 30 which i like a lot but ive never been a fan of the interior especialy the checked seats.After a look round local dealer i was impressed with the interior of the s3,it is a real step up.My previous car was a mk 5 r32 which again i enjoyed and at times miss the 4 wheel drive,so i see the s3 as the next right car for me as its has plus points of both r32 (4 wheel drive) and edition 30 (same turbo rush) plus much better interior.
    But im in a bit of a dilemma,but a good one.ive located a couple of 08 reg cars with very low miles less than 1k,but dont have flat bottom steering wheel which is a must for me.Is it a easy retro fit and how much? is there people out there who fit them? as i dont fancy doing that on fairly new car. Also should i just order a new facelift as they dont seem that much more if you can get 7-9% discount.Also does anyone know to any dealers selling facelift models now or soon.thanks for any advise
  2. Metalex

    Metalex Member

    I suppose it depends what price you can get for the old model. Dealers want rid of the old models so you should be able to get a good price. You need to weigh that against the improvements to the new model, including better MPG, lower emissions, improved haldex/4WD system etc., plus you have the option of the Sportback model if you want a bit more practicality.

    Looks like it is possible to retro-fit FBMFSW:

  3. carl1

    carl1 New Member

    the 2 08 reg cars ive seen at audi are just under 26k,ive got the option to buy private but peoples prices seem too high compared to dealers 2007 07/57 reg 23k upwards and not high spec.My built spec on audi config brand new facelift asuming i get 7% discount just over 27k
  4. JustCharlie

    JustCharlie Member

    I had the same dilemma pal, I had a modded ED30, but unfortunately wrote it off, and rather than get the same again, I decided on an S3, I had the earlier type and the ED30 did have traction issues. I was looking at secondhand but couldn't find the spec, so looked at new, couldn't wait for a facelift(16weeks) and found a current model with the spec I wanted that I could have in a week, at a price I was happy with(8% discount or thereabouts). Think discounts on new models might be a bit less than you think
  5. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

    Discounts on new ones can be very generous if you shop around. Dealers are prepared to compete competativly for your custom. 9-10% is not unachievable! The only set back is you will have a lengthy wait as i am sure the amount of discount gained puts you at the back for availability as compared to someone who pays the premium price.
  6. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Retro fit of the FBMFSW is easy, I did it ages ago.

    You should be able to pick one up (inc airbag as that has to be changed) from ebay for under £400.

    However personally if you are saying the pre facelift is not much less than a new one then I'd go new all day and spec the car how you want it.

    As said above some improvements over the "old" version and the FBMFSW comes as standard in the new one along with a centre armrest.

    You should get a very good discount on a nearly new example as the facelift is out now so if you dont order a new one!

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