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Facelift front and rear lights

Rikster23 Jan 22, 2009

  1. Rikster23

    Rikster23 On the facelift path...

    Hi all,

    Sorry for probably posting this as Im sure its done before or hijacked.

    Seeing as I needed cheering up, after someone deliberatly stole my wing mirror and my side repeaters :wtf:I thought why not start a project on the car.

    I am after some front and rear facelift headlights. Although mine is a V reg pre facelift I am happy to chop the wing and install the new lights.

    Rear lights are a straight repacement I have been told.

    Also I saw a while back someone was selling a RS4 front bumper, unsure if this is still the case. I think its the one with the grills on the side.

    Or even if you just point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I am unable to tell the difference from the year I am needing to look at and differences from Xenon and HID (replica ones)

    Any help is great!!! Thanks in advance.

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