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Facelift coupe ordered. Mods to follow...

PregnantNproud Feb 27, 2012

  1. PregnantNproud

    PregnantNproud Gears of War

    Havent been on here for ages!

    Still have my A3 (for sale) so thats the part of the forum im usually skulking.

    Anyway just ordered my A5, my first new car. Massive wait time but im obviously excited so thought id share the info even though its due in Sept : (

    A5 facelift coupe Sline 1.8TFSI
    Suzuka Grey Pearl
    Tech pack low
    int. Light pack
    folding mirrors
    type pressure system
    cruise control
    Sline suspension

    Got a few mods planned, mainly body wise. Wheels coming too, so the Sline wheels & tyres will be for sale.I shall divulge more info when it arrives. Damn exclusive paint slows build time :(

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