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Facelift 8L0 920 clocks to classic 8L0 919 clocks, is it a straight swap?

MITCH959 Dec 20, 2011

  1. MITCH959

    MITCH959 New Member

    ​I recently bought a set of 8l0 919 vdo clocks for my a3 since my 920 clocks are buggered (as always lol) and i know you need to reprogram the clocks but i was wondering if i need to change the wiring for all the lights to have the right feed? The lights all seem to work but the oil light doesnt stay on or the battery light when ignition is on and the abs light does. My emission light is on atm on the 920 clocks but im thinking thats what the abs light might be on the 919 clocks. Will recoding the clocks sort this problem?

    8l0 919

    8l0 920
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