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Face Lift A3 8L Leather Interior (3dr) Bose speakers

JregGT Mar 10, 2013

  1. JregGT

    JregGT New Member

    Seats & Doorcards from my written off A3:

    The front seats are the most comfy sports type seats I have ever sat in, I have done miles and miles sat in these, and still felt comfy at the end of the journey! My A3 was a '97, but I believe that these came out of a later facelift model. They are that (and I believe quite rare) grey/cream sort of colour that Audi do for interiors. All Airbags intact, and what I assume is the airbag loom connectors on the underneath of the seats.

    All in good nick - few cracks/bit of wear on the drivers seat, but no bolster damage, splits, tears or anything else nasty. Have been looked after with Autoglym cleaner and leather balm all of their life with me, so leather is still all nice and soft. I gave them a quick wipe over, but would probably benefit from a really good deep clean with Gliptone or similar before they are fitted - Particularly the drivers seat, which you can see is a touch grubby, but nothing too bad!

    Doorcards all have Bose speakers and speaker covers, and all handles, speakers & switch for electric mirrors/central locking work fine.

    The reason that My A3 was written off, was a decent side impact, causing 'unecomical damage to sill.' So other than the normal wear you would expect on a 10 year old interior. The drivers door card does have some damage (cracked) as all shown in the photos, do have a couple more photos of damage as limited to no can put here, so just ask, The important bits, leather parts/bose speakers covers are still fine, so could be swapped.

    In light of the damage on the drivers door card, I want £275 ono for a set of silly comfy, good condition and rare interior. If I end up with another A3 before these go, and it doesnt have this interior, these will be coming off the market.

    Collection ideally - From Walsall (ws9, as that is where the seats are) Swindon possibly within next couple of weeks (I live there), Cardiff (I work there). Number is oh seven seven three eight 265819 - feel free to text or call, but be aware that I often dont answer unknown numbers due to work, so if I dont answer, just leave me a message and I will call back!

    Any questions just shout

    Dan [​IMG]


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