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  1. wackojacko

    wackojacko Member

    whats your thoughts on the fabis vrs. i currently own a 2001 audi a3 1.8 t and im looking for a tdi and its between the vrs, mk 4 golf gt tdi 130/150 or audi a3/a4 tdi.
    any views would be good
  2. ManicMunky

    ManicMunky Member

  3. AwesomeSarah

    AwesomeSarah Member

    Mmmm yes definately!!!!
    I love the Skoda`s am a freak with them
    I have the Fabia PD100 as I could not afford the vRS
    So I have had it mapped and 140bhp now
    Drives like a dream and still get 60mpg
    Do it , you will love it
  4. wackojacko

    wackojacko Member

    would you reconmend it over the mk 4 golf gt tdi 130/150?
    what have you safely mapped a vrs to without other mods
  5. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    Depends what you want...
    I didn't need anything as big as the Golf...and for the price of a nearly new vRS you were looking at a fair age of Golf with miles on.

    The Golf has a better interior, no doubt.
    Better plastics etc...and the vRS standard cloth trim is just not suitable colour wise for me! (too light)...but if you find a vRS with leather, that's removed that from the equation.

    The vRS drives better than the Golf 130 for sure...bigger wheels, less lean, just much more fun...and being a bit lighter it feels (probably is) a bit quicker.

    The Skoda will probably be cheaper to insure too.

    The GT TDI 150 is a fair bit better...more power (shorter sweet spot for power though) and 16" wheels...but I don't think its still close to the vRS handling wise (not that the vRS is superb...it's just better than the awful Golf)

    Cheap insurance, cheap road tax, 50 ish to the gallon when driven hard...and good fun.
    I'd take the vRS everytime (unless it was an Anniversary GTI).
    The vRS looks better too, I think (again except for the Anniversary GTI)

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