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F1 Testing Pics

bhavin1986 Jun 24, 2008

  1. bhavin1986

    bhavin1986 BBP

    Hey fellas, went to the testing at Silverstone today. Though I'd post up a few snaps I took:
    Mark Webber:
    Nico Rosberg:
    Jenson Button:
    Heikki Kovalainen:
    Robert Kubica:
    Sebastian Vettel:
    Felipe Massa:
    Nelson Piquet Jr:
    Well worth the trip, cant go wrong! 7 hours action for only £12! Recommended to anyone if you've got the next couple of days off and your a fan.:kissmyrings:
  2. DBXdarkangel

    DBXdarkangel Member

    hey guys, im going next weekend. me and my girlfriend bought grandstand tickets (gold ones) for hte whole weekend. were going up early sat morn to see the qualify then will see the race. when last year too. we will be sat in the one opposite the start finish line :)

    heres some pics i took last year. with beckhams as well.





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