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Extreme and not so extreme sports! Winter bore.

Zak0123 Jan 23, 2013

  1. Zak0123

    Zak0123 Active Member

    Hello all!

    So.. I am an avid wakeboarder (snowboarding on water) but as you can imagine this is a no go in anything under 5 degrees c. Started up boxing with a mate over winter, go to the gym a couple of times a week, but I still find myself getting so bored in the evenings! There's only so much COD you can play :) Got the TTS now to get my adrenalin pumping on the loud pedal every so often so that's helping :D Apart from that I feel like a caged animal with this weather! Obviously pub etc get a good look in at the weekend haha

    Anywaysss point of the post is..

    What do you guys get up to in winter? Looking for some new sports really, would love to get into motorcross/buy a pit bike, just a bit costly!

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