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Exterior mods on 2007 A3 Sportback

ajspurs Jul 20, 2013

  1. ajspurs

    ajspurs New Member

    Hey, I'm still looking for an A3 and have come across a 2007 one for a good price but it's pretty standard, it doesn't have the sharp front bumper the s line or sport version has, doesn't have fog lights, spoiler or a rear diffuser which I would all like to add. Now firstly, do cosmetic mods add to the insurance or is it only performance mods that do? And secondly, You can purchase all these things (other than the fog lights as far as I'm aware) from Audi but there website states that it's only for 2008-12 models. Now I definitely can't add these things myself so is there anywhere that will do these things on a 2007 model to a perfect and reliable standard?


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