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Exterior door trim removal

H2o-uk Jan 2, 2009

  1. H2o-uk

    H2o-uk Member

    Guys, I need to replace the door trim on the passenger side, both doors. How easy is it to remove. I have done the wifes passat in the past and that was just stuck on, are these the same ?

  2. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    exterior sail trim? triangles on rear bottom corner of window?
    if so it is pretty straight forward, you will need some allen head sockets or keys.
    phillips screwdriver for the door trim, screws on front inner edge and under handle covered by some trim.
    remove these, trim slides up on hooks, pull away gently and rest on floor.

    remove inner sail trim py popping in and forward, remove foam, exposing allen bolt.
    trim may come away once free but you may have to crack open the door from and window chassis (two allen bolts on rear inner edge) just crack don't remove!

    refit is the reverse of removal
  3. brendan

    brendan 98 A4 1.8SE

    do you mean the lower bump strips? just pull them away from the door, they are likely so rotten at the fixing points (i assume you can see them coming away fromthe door toward the rear) that they'll come off easily.
  4. H2o-uk

    H2o-uk Member

    Sorry I should have been more descriptive. I meant the trim half was up the door to stop you scuffing the door. They arent peeling away, but one is a little bent where there is a dent, and the other is quite badly scuffed and its letting the side down :) so Im going to replace them both, I assumed they would just be stuck on.

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