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Exterior Door Handle Working intermittently

alictait Dec 28, 2009

  1. alictait

    alictait Member

    Guys can anyone help on the best way forward with this.

    I plan on trying to tackle this tomorrow but have limited time so might need to leave it to the weekend but it is all weather dependent. It may be coincidental but it seems to be working more infrequently when the weather has been colder which is a PITA as its sometimes awkward getting in the passenger side to open the door.

    Anyway since I have had the car (5 years in feb) I have always had a slightly loose interior handle but there has never been a problem with opening the doors from either the inside or the outside until the last couple of weeks. I have greased the locks and cleaned them up prior to doing so, but has made no real difference.

    I have found a couple of guides on how to remove the panelling for the door card but wonder if I should have anything else in way of preparation prior to doing so.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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