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Extended testdrives?

RacingTeatray Nov 4, 2004

  1. RacingTeatray

    RacingTeatray Freezing in Moscow

    How long a testdrive did people get in a Sportback before buying one?

    I am not sure I buy into the idea that a 15min test drive is adequate if you're spending so much money. I got a brand-new Seat Leon Cupra R for a day last time I was looking around and that was an excellent idea. I had been seriously thinking about buying one but after a day with it managed to get to know it well enough to put me off.

    So I am minded to try and push my local dealer for an extended test of a Sportback but am I likely to be wasting my time in asking?
  2. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    Not necessarily; its really up to the specific salesman, They can book a car out all day if they want to but it also depends on how many people are expecting to drive it that day.
    I think on a weekend could be difficult given they know the majority of people are going to come in then but mid week, if you pre book and state that you want it for at least a couple of hours, should be fine.
    I had several TT's and a 3.2 Sport for 5-6 hour trials when I was looking (however I had already bought 2 Audi's in 18 months from that salesman!).
  3. Before buying my A3 S-Line Audi let me keep the showroom demo model for the day.
  4. RacingTeatray

    RacingTeatray Freezing in Moscow

    Oh cool. So it sounds possible then.

  5. synthdood

    synthdood Member

    I did two testdrives before I ordered my Sportback. First a three door A3 for about 2 hours and then a few days later a Sportback for another couple of hours. I got the feeling a longer period would not have been a problem as long as you book it in advance. But then... it all depends on your dealer of course.
  6. yak

    yak Member

    Yeah, I got both 3-door and Sportback for a day, just asked. Usually (at least here) 'day' means that I get it at the end of the day and return it next morning.

    - Yak
  7. MateloT

    MateloT Member

    i got my 3.2 s-line test drive for 2 days, picked it up 9am on Saturday, dropped it back about 1pm Sunday. They just made me sign the usual car loan agreement.

    Be buggered if i was going to spend near £30k on a couple of hours driving the car about.
  8. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    We took a demonstrator Sportback out for a 40 minute drive across all road types, which I thought was very fair considering it was our first ever visit to an Audi showroom and the fact it was a day after the launch.

    The car was booked out all day long, but luckily the previous appointment was cancelled. I'm sure if you're keen to go out for a longer period, you could ask beforehand on the phone and they'd be happy to oblige.

    It seems if you know the salespeople you're in with a better shout, as some of the posts here testify. My folks have bought several new Fords over the years from their local dealer, and having a range-topping demonstrator for an entire weekend was not an uncommon offer.
  9. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    Never been in the dealership before but politely explained what I required and arranged to have 3 different A3 models for half a day each no problem. All they wanted was a copy of my driving licence. They seemed happy to help.

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