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Experience with magnetic ride?

dkpeter Jun 13, 2013

  1. dkpeter

    dkpeter New Member

    Hey Everybody

    The magnetic ride option has just become available in my country and I am interested in getting feedback on how this feels to drive in real life. I can see that the magnetic ride lowers the body the same amount as the sport suspension. I find it hard to find any information on the internet that can help me answer my question.

    1. How does the magnetic ride in sport mode compares against the Sport suspension?
    2. How does the magnetic ride in comfort mode compares against the SE suspension?

    I have spent so much time questioning the choice of suspension and perhaps this magnetic ride is a way of pleasing my split personality that one day wants Sport and the next day SE suspension. However it is a really expensive way out of my problem so the question is it worth it
  2. Battlekrapz

    Battlekrapz Active Member

    A colleague of mine has an RS5 and took the equivalent option for it, he told me NEVER to take this option as his suspension squeeks constantly. I heard it myself and it is true that you definitely hear some odd noise like on a very old 1980s car with crappy suspension.

    He now sold his RS5 and will never buy an audi again due to this issue he had.

    Apparently this technology is not up to scratch yet, and he even got Audi to admit it themselves. So personally i'll keep away from it on my future Audi S3 and keep it simple low tech, i.e. manual gearbox and certainly no magnetic ride.

    If you do feel like taking this option, it does feel more comfortable than the default suspension when it is set to comfort setting and it feels like a gokart when you set it to the sports setting.
  3. synthdood

    synthdood Member

    A while ago I was waiting at the dealers while they were fixing something (window mechanism had snapped and wouldn't go up anymore) and I got talking to a woman who had an allroad with adjustable suspension (can't remember if it was A4 or A6). Her suspension had packed in for the umpteenth time and it was gonna cost her many many thousands of euro's to fix. That's when I made up my mind never to get any fancy schmancy active suspension and just stick to suspension that is proven to work and easy/unexpensive to replace.

    Currently have an 8p with the sport setup and will probably do the same if/when I get an 8v. Ideal compromise between ride height, handling and comfort.
  4. dkpeter

    dkpeter New Member

    Thanks for the replies. I have contacted my local dealer and the magnetic ride is not available as an option for the 140hk cod engine so it kind of resolves it self. And with the responds from you guys this properly a god thing.
    I'm gonna keep the sport suspension.

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